The world coffee market is regulated at the price level by the New York (Arabica) and London (Robusta) stock exchanges.

Exports from producing countries are made via wholesalers by maritime containers because they require significant logistics: loading, unloading, chartering, customs clearance, international regulations, international administrative (Incoterms, etc.).

It is difficult under these conditions to have perfect traceability when working with specialty coffees.

In recent years, some producers and roasters have been able to set up direct parallel supply flows. Benefits:

-Perfect traceability and therefore better coffee quality.

-A win/win contract since there are no more intermediaries so the producers are much better paid and the roaster buys his coffee at fair value.

- A human relationship and not only "business" without knowing who is behind the little espresso!

Cafés des Alpes has chosen to develop this path and already offers you 2 direct producer origins: Madagascar and Salvador!

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