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My story.

After 10 years of activity as an employee in the world of coffee, a real passion, training as a roaster and barista in specialty coffees, I decided in early 2017 to launch my own roasting business.

My key words: quality, transparency, ethics and respect for the product, people for a 100% satisfied customer.

The philosophy.

Cafés des Alpes wants to promote Pure Origin coffees, whether classic, fair trade or organic, so that the original aromas of the coffee are preserved.

We don't just want to define a coffee by its bitterness or acidity!

We don't want a coffee that burns your stomach.

We want taste, aromas, pleasure in drinking coffee!

The method.

Cafés des Alpes roasts using a slow method, at a controlled temperature, which preserves and optimizes the taste and organoleptic qualities of its production.

Always in this desire for quality, Cafés des Alpes lets its coffee breathe for a certain time between roasting and packaging, the time necessary for the freshly roasted coffee to degas and develop its own aromatic spectrum.

In addition, Cafés des Alpes uses airtight packaging but does not vacuum seal its coffee because it must continue to “live”.

Cafés des Alpes guarantees you:

-a short circuit between producers and consumers.

- quality traceability and sourcing, family cooperative , organic certification , Rainforest Alliance .

-Respect for production and harvest periods: some coffees may not be available all year round.

The ideal consumption period:

6 months after roasting for ground, 12 months for bean.

Roasted coffee is alive.

As a result, there may be slight differences in taste throughout the year, depending on harvests, climate, storage.

Enjoy your coffee !

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