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A coffee, please!

Coffee machine !

For 4 years, Cafés des Alpes has trusted Delonghi.

Café+Cafetière: an inseparable and so important couple!

See the machines!

Customers' opinion..

Pierre-Emmanuel is very professional and available, his coffee is exceptional, I highly recommend.

Blandina G.

Always quality roasting. Never disappointed, special mention for the pure origin organic Madagascar!

Christopher D.

Varied and always high quality coffees that we enjoy tasting. With telework, our coffee consumption has exploded, and it is from the Cafés des Alpes that we get our supplies!

Frederic G.

A passionate roaster!

I make my choice!

The specificity of Cafés des Alpes!

Tri des cerises de café en colombie

Small producers!

The coffee market is:

-125 million employees worldwide.

-20 million small producers.

-Cafés des Alpes favors coffees from small cooperatives and works to develop its direct purchases with some producers!

To know !

Average farm size is less than 5 ha

- 1ha = 1000 to 1200 trees

- 1 tree = 3 to 4k g of coffee cherries = 1.2 kg of seeds, once worked, pulped = 1 kg of roasted coffee that you can enjoy in your cup!

Let's go to coffee!

A choice of premium green coffee.

Cafés des Alpes:

-A choice of premium green coffee!

-I work to offer you a varied aromatic choice!

The majority of our coffees are classified SCA >80/100:

- Speciality Coffee Association. This association constitutes a global community that campaigns for a sustainable and equitable activity from the producer to the barista.




Let's go to coffee!

A roasting that sublimates the aromas!

- Roasting is the art of cooking a seed so that it turns into a beverage that can present up to 800 different aromas!

- Each cooking will be adapted according to the humidity of the grain, its origin, the ambient weather.

- My goal: to maximize the taste quality of your coffee!

- Whether ground, or bean, whatever your coffee maker, you will appreciate a coffee with neither bitterness nor acidity.


Let's go to coffee!