Coffee irritates, it is well known!

But not the Arabicas selected by Cafés des Alpes!

Oh hey, and why is that?

The arabica bean, 75% of the world's coffee production, brings a lot of aromas but little caffeine! Yes, the caffeine comes from Robusta, not very aromatic, rather bitter but very annoying.....

The method of preparation will also play an essential role: "I like a big black coffee in the morning but then what do I feel stressed after!". It's normal: the longer you lay down your coffee, the more caffeine it will take on! A ristretto or an espresso have 10 times less caffeine than a long one and 50 times less than a mug of black coffee! Conversely, the shorter your coffee, the more aromatic and strong in taste it will be!

Good tasting!

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