Cafés des Alpes roasts specialty coffees: but what is this thing?

A coffee, a kawa, it's still a coffee...

The world coffee market distinguishes 3 main qualities of the coffee bean:

The premium range , which meets specific criteria determined by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) - a minimum score of 80%, traceable terroir, operating and processing methods - which makes it a special product, manual harvesting, selection of the best beans, respect for preparation methods, pulping, drying, packaging... This coffee can also be certified organic or organic, have a fair trade label, but this is not necessarily necessary.

It is from this range that Cafés des Alpes selects these coffees!

The classic range , or second market, the bulk of the volume of world coffee trade. Here we find coffees with more defects (lower grain quality), a less selective sieve (grain size), robustas, sometimes foreign bodies in the coffee, stones, pieces of wood... due to harvesting and processing. an industrial preparation. These coffees are widely used by industrial roasters. There too we find organic or fair trade certifications.

Finally, the 3rd range, it is often poor quality coffees that will be roasted and often used for blends that are only found in ground at extremely low prices or for soluble coffees.

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