Bulk is growing at Cafés des Alpes!

Fewer sachets is better for the planet!

Since its creation, cafés des alpes has wanted to limit its environmental impact.

You will tell me, picky with coffee. Of course, coffee cannot be produced locally, fortunately, because that would prove a clear climate change in our region!

Little by little, Cafés des Alpes is developing its bulk range in order to limit the use of packets.

The 3kg container Cafés des Alpes .

These "indestructible" cans are perfectly adapted and of course certified for food use: the advantage, the coffee is protected from the air (air decompression valve) and from the light, the two "corrosive" elements for the coffee, ground or bean.

This packaging is perfect for a business, a restaurant, a bulk grocery store...

You have a CSR, local and artisanal approach, contact me!

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