Are you Coffea canephora? Or coffee arabica?

Well, you guessed it, the coffea arabica is the species of coffee tree that will give the arabica and the coffea canephora is the robusta!

The coffee tree is a flowering tree in the Rubiaceae family. Its origin dates back thousands of years and it remains endemic in Ethiopia or Madagascar. Endemic means it still grows wild.

124 species of coffee trees have been identified but only 4 will be cultivated: arabica and robusta, 99% of world production, the remaining 1% being shared between excelsa and liberica (local production in certain countries).

In 2021, 165 million bags were produced, of which 75% in Arabica and the remaining 25% in Robusta.

Cafés des Alpes markets one of the last wild species: the coffea arabusta from Madagascar, a natural hybridization between an arabica and a robusta.

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