3X3 Jura 2-phase descaling tablets.

3X3 Jura 2-phase descaling tablets.

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Limestone is the worst enemy of all coffee machines

To extend the life of your automatic specialty coffee machine, JURA has developed a 2-phase descaling tablet which gently removes limescale while taking care of the machine.

Descaling in 2 phases

The descaling tablet with optimized dissolution time specially designed for JURA automatic coffee machines ensures clean, effective and particularly long-lasting descaling.

The descaling cycle is now carried out in two phases:

• First phase: carefully removes all limescale residues from the coffee machine.
• Second phase: impregnates the liquid circuit with a protective film and durably protects the pipes and the thermal block against corrosion.

Only original JURA descaling tablets guarantee perfect hygiene and protection of the machine. Our protective formulas and compositions are optimally matched to the processes and materials of JURA automatic specialty coffee machines.

Without phosphates

At JURA, ecological intelligence has long been a strong value, as well as the sustainable use of resources and energy. That's why we rely on a completely phosphate-free composition for our original descaling tablets. Their optimized formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene, while preserving the environment and guaranteeing perfect coffee.