Box of 25 Jura 2-phase cleaning tablets

Box of 25 Jura 2-phase cleaning tablets

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Maintaining the coffee machine as well as hygiene with regard to milk, coffee and water are decisive factors in order to obtain consistently optimum coffee quality.

Every JURA automatic machine has a maintenance-free brewing unit that cleans itself at the touch of a button.

Our laboratories have further perfected the cleaning tablet whose effectiveness has already been widely proven. This intensive research has made it possible to considerably improve their cleaning and protective power. The new 2-phase cleaning tablet not only cleans your machine: it also impregnates it with a protective film that delays the deposit of coffee grease.

The Cleaning Process starts at the touch of a button.

Phase I, cleaning:
The special formula of the tablets effectively dissolves grease and coffee particles present in the unit and the percolation filter. The interior and exterior of these components are then thoroughly rinsed with water at 80°C.
Phase II, protection:
Special active ingredients impregnate the surfaces of the affected components with a film that provides long-lasting protection against deposits of residues and coffee fats.
Results :
A coffee machine cleaned at the touch of a button with optimal hygiene, for always perfect coffee quality and ultimate enjoyment.

Use only original cleaning tablets for cleaning and protecting your JURA automatic machines: they are the only ones that are perfectly suited to the cleaning cycle.

Without phosphates

At JURA, ecological intelligence has long been a strong value, as well as the sustainable use of resources and energy. This is why the brand relies on a completely phosphate-free composition for its original cleaning tablets. Their optimized protective formula guarantees TÜV-certified hygiene for your coffee machine, while preserving the environment.